Edible Bodies

In Uyuni, Bolivia, there’s a large expanse of land covered with salt crust and several inches of water. The expanse extends beyond one’s range of vision and merges with the sky while also doubling it in reflection. You may be familiar with the image; the horizon disappears and the standing body looks suspended in a … Continue reading Edible Bodies

Membranes & Morsels

The human anatomy is amusing; with skin as an enveloping membrane, it is a constantly mutating exterior with a relatively constant, organic interior. Our exterior is shaped by the forces and gradations of esteem, prejudice, reflection and absorption, and our personhood is often transposed to objects external to our bodies. Our feelings and desires are … Continue reading Membranes & Morsels

Another Gaze

“I would like to be transformed into a polyglot and am still waiting for a basel fish to stick into my ear”- anonymous visitor, MMB What does it mean when someone says, “I saw you in my dream?” My appearance in their dream happens without my knowledge or consent; I become a ghostly apparition without … Continue reading Another Gaze

New Orders

Could the world have ended from a series of cloudbursts? Did we all drown as the books prophesied? A cloudburst manifests to the human eye in the concentrated havoc it creates. A sudden downpour that can wipe away what stands in its immediate line of vision. A torrent of water made threatening by the ferocity … Continue reading New Orders


The walls change colour as I cross one room for another. Each reveals different degrees of wear. The rooms have been inhabited; the television box faces the mattress, the calendar and the bag hang from the same hook, and the table fan is on. The room recurs at the end of the labyrinth, except the … Continue reading Trespassing

What’s Cooking?

Can we think of place as art if the place acquires the nature of a palimpsest through imprints left by successive ideas, propositions and acts of labour? The first edition of Five Million Incidents witnessed nearly 40 projects staged, realized, processed and/or come to fruition on the premises of Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan through … Continue reading What’s Cooking?

Sonic Ephemera

Sound has a way of permeating the skin and affecting the body, whether our minds are alert to the possibility or not. Whether arranged in perceptually disharmonious permutations or harmonious forms of expression, sound collides and reacts with space and sensibilities to register its presence. On the end of the listener, a continuous and prolonged absorption … Continue reading Sonic Ephemera

Outside the Frame

In a lecture titled ‘On Complaint’, Sara Ahmed talks about how sometimes, exhaustion is not just the effect, but becomes the very point of the complaint process in a court of law. She is referring here to the rigmarole of legal procedures that often leaves the complainant exhausted in the process of addressing their complaint. … Continue reading Outside the Frame

What We Eat

Formative drawing and painting lessons often involve essentialist representations of “village life”, which almost always constitute a bullock cart, a farmer, a field, a small hut and a clear horizon (or a similar tableau). These staples come to define a bucolic otherworld that also evokes nostalgic value in the way it allows a reverse journey … Continue reading What We Eat

Amma and More

The female body has been seen as a site that begets life, is sexualized from the outset and subject to territorialisation by the male body- both literally and figuratively. In South Asian contexts, the autonomy of the female body from collective (and predominantly male-centric) units has often been seen as a threat and anomaly. The … Continue reading Amma and More


We think of space as static components that bodies discover, name, move through, rest in and generally occupy. Through these regular transits, the space acquires patterns of habitation that consolidate themselves as routine and expected. The movements become predictable and the space acquires a oneness. What happens when a new body foreign to its patterns … Continue reading Traces