Edible Bodies

In Uyuni, Bolivia, there’s a large expanse of land covered with salt crust and several inches of water. The expanse extends beyond one’s range of vision and merges with the sky while also doubling it in reflection. You may be familiar with the image; the horizon disappears and the standing body looks suspended in a … Continue reading Edible Bodies

Membranes & Morsels

The human anatomy is amusing; with skin as an enveloping membrane, it is a constantly mutating exterior with a relatively constant, organic interior. Our exterior is shaped by the forces and gradations of esteem, prejudice, reflection and absorption, and our personhood is often transposed to objects external to our bodies. Our feelings and desires are … Continue reading Membranes & Morsels

Another Gaze

“I would like to be transformed into a polyglot and am still waiting for a basel fish to stick into my ear”- anonymous visitor, MMB What does it mean when someone says, “I saw you in my dream?” My appearance in their dream happens without my knowledge or consent; I become a ghostly apparition without … Continue reading Another Gaze