In Tandem | Guest Post

Blogger’s note:

“What does ‘deviance’ mean to me?”

This podcast is a conversation with Vidur Sethi, who has been a co-Actant in process and manifestation with Actants Preeti Singh and Paribartana Mohanty, and engaged in ideations with Actant Anish Cherian which led to later collaborations.

Vidur talks here about his flow between the projects, the entanglements of the collaborations, and how a figure of resistance – the whippersnapper – developed through his own practice simultaneously. A precocious child by definition, the whippersnapper departs from ideal representations of formative innocence. Carrying deviance in its cells, the whippersnapper is a leaky entity that extends itself into various territories; it could be a child soldier, a queer insertion or a posthuman resonance, and has developed in tandem with the circumstantial thrust of each project engaged with.

The podcast is accompanied by a visual map of the trajectories this impetus took.

^Notes, scribbles, emergence; taking form.

“What the whippersnapper has transformed into now”

Works Addressed: Home to War Kitchen, Preeti Singh | Act the Victim, Paribartana Mohanty | Below the Tree There’s More Hope of a Breeze, Anish Cherian

Links and References:

Vidur Sethi, On the figure of the Whippersnapper:

“What Does It Take To Reimagine Resistance in Fiction?” with Paribartana Mohanty:

Najrin Islam, “Relocating Bodies”:

Najrin Islam, “Another Gaze”:

Tomatoes, poem (inset) by Vidur Sethi, published on @artdose magazine
You can find Vidur on Instagram @vidursethi

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